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Decoration and design advice

Backed by the SNI Group, Onapar, in addition to its own project portfolio, is a holding company whose subsidiaries activity is centered around the realization of major real estate projects, innovative in Morocco.
With a registered capital of 852.2 million dirhams and enjoying a well-established reputation in the industry, Onapar includes:

- Some real estate companies, each carrying specific projects:
  > Mandarona, Darwa and Onapar in residential property
  > HCO, Orientis Invest, Onapar, Mehdya City, Mehdya Rivage in tourism real estate luxury
  > Sapino Centuris and in the real estate business

- Subsidiaries of service to complete the offer provided to our customers:
  > Marodec in engineering studies and assistance with client
  > Novalys in real estate marketing
  > Prestalys in the management of the condominium
  > Marogolf in golf management

In a difficult economic context characterized both by a relative slowdown in investment demand and increasing competitive intensity, Onapar adopted a new strategic positioning focused on rebuilding structures and defining new directions for its development.