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Quality and commitment

The Onapar Group, real estate operator first historically specialized plan in the luxury segment, the Resorts golfing and business parks, registered its action plans in the framework of the objectives to broaden its segment by offering urban residential projects average standard, developed mainly in Casablanca and Rabat soon.

Furthermore, the group adopted a new strategic vision to refocus its activities and to empower different poles for better profitability. This vision is based on the major areas of development:

> Strengthen the group's presence in the luxury segment average to meet strong market demand.

> Strengthen the presence of Onapar in residential property dimmed under the brand "Alizee" based on seven values ​​guaranteeing its customers quality standards of construction and comfort

> Supporting the new tourism vision of Morocco by capitalizing on the expertise of the Group's golfing Resorts

> Diversification by integrating new trades planners / developers

> Innovation around a quality approach

> Developing partnerships nationally and internationally

Onapar clearly expresses his vision for the company, its ambition to invest in new growth niches, its ability to offer rooms adapted for the needs of customers and their requirements both in terms of configuration spaces life, transaction transparency and quality of construction, and this in compliance with Onapar quality standards, environmental innovation and compliance in order to consolidate its position as a major player of the Moroccan real estate sector